Wednesday, May 9, 2018

5 Summer Backyard Must-Haves for the Toddler

The weather in North Carolina has finally warmed up and the end of preschool is near. With our mornings at school about to end until next September, Madeline and I are preparing for lots of time outside. We are planning to enjoy some days at the pool but when we are home, we have some great outside toys to enjoy. If you have a toddler, I can not recommend these items enough to keep them entertained during the warm summer months and the bonus is that all of them can be purchased from Amazon so that they conveniently arrive at your front door. 

Water Table

Madeline received this water table as a gift for her first birthday and she just keeps loving it more and more. She loves filling and dumping cups and sending the little balls down the spiral in the center.

Sidewalk Chalk

I usually get our sidewalk chalk when it is in the dollar spot at Target but you can order some here too. It’s a great way to get out some creativity outside and an activity that is fun for the toddler and mom too. Its also great motor skill practice and these are easy for tiny hands to hold.

Bubble Machine 

Madeline got a bubble machine for her birthday and she is obsessed with it. I think it is just so sweet how toddlers love bubbles and I love to watch her chasing them around the backyard trying to catch them. The one we have is similar to this one but when it eventually stops working, I think I'll spring for this industrial one.

Sprinkler + Kiddie Pool

I got this sprinkler for this summer and am so excited for her to play with it. There's a version with cute little worms instead of pink flowers, too. Last year she kept wanting  to hold the hose and spray herself so I am hoping this will provide her with lots of enjoyment. A kiddie pool is also such a water day necessity. I prefer the cheap plastic ones and usually just pick one up at Wal-Mart or somewhere similar but we also have an inflatable one at my mother in law’s house that Madeline loves.


This little toddler slide provides so much outdoor enjoyment year around and is a great non-messy option for outside play. Whenever we have the kiddie pool set up, we like to set up the slide so that the bottom empties out into the pool. Madeline just loves that! My favorite thing about this little slide is that it is easy for a toddler to climb all by themselves so it isn’t a ton of extra work for me like large slides at the playground or park.


  1. bubbles are our best friend

  2. We love ALL of these! That pool is our favorite for the beach, too! Have you seen the "walkable" sidewalk chalk? My boys love those! :) (Granted, they also use them as weapons because #boys.)

  3. Love all these products. You are giving me great ideas of gifts for my two grandsons 4 and almost 2.


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