Wednesday, May 23, 2018

A Day in the Life

It has been quite a while since I’ve shared one of these type posts but with the end of preschool coming near, I know our schedule will be changing soon, which is always so bittersweet. We’ve gotten into a nice little routine throughout the last several months and I’ve really enjoyed the rhythm of our days. 

6:15 My alarm goes off and I snooze for fifteen minutes. When I worked away from home I always got up at five but I have struggled so hard with this since I left my previous job!

6:30 I’m up and making the bed and getting dressed before Madeline gets up. These are the two things that just have to get done before she’s awake for us to have a productive day.

7:00 Madeline is awake. We head downstairs for milk (for her), coffee (for me), and a little Peppa Pig. I take care of Riley, answer emails, check social media, and spend a few quiet minutes with my girl.

7:45 Its time for breakfast. Madeline loves a variety of things - organic waffles with peanut butter and fruit, scrambled eggs, Greek yogurt parfaits. I always have a shake. I drink Shakeology.

8:00 We head upstairs to get Madeline dressed and brush our teeth. Then, if it is Monday, Wednesday, or Friday I work out unless we are going to barre, which is at 9:45. On Tuesdays and Thursdays we play until it’s time to leave for preschool at 8:50 and I go straight to the gym from there.

Most days I shower right after working out if I can and Madeline plays with her toys and looks at her books. If we have errands to run I don’t mind running them in workout clothes, I just feel better and more productive if I can shower, do my makeup, and really get dressed.

Madeline has music class on Wednesdays and we leave for that around ten so the breakfast/workout/shower routine gets a little rushed that day so that we can make it in time.

If Madeline is at preschool then I spend the morning running errands, taking care of any appointments, and getting chores done around the house so that I can work later when she naps. 

10:00 Madeline gets a snack. She likes the carrot apple pouches from Trader Joe’s and fig bars. I usually eat an RX bar or a banana around this time, too. Then it is play time for the rest of the morning.

12:00 Lunch. We usually eat lunch at home unless we are meeting a friend for a lunch date or picnic. Madeline likes fruit, cheese, chicken or cold cuts, and the veggie chips shaped like Mickey Mouse. I usually eat a salad. 

12:30 - 1:00 On preschool days I pick Madeline up at 12:30 and we get home a little before one. She usually watches 15 minutes of TV before we head upstairs at 1:00 to get ready for nap. Madeline has her regular nap time routine and usually goes down quickly and easily by 1:15.

While Madeline naps I finish up laundry or other quieter chores, prep for dinner, and work. I will put on an episode of  something from the DVR or listen to a podcast sometimes while I do this but I also enjoy the quiet. I have to be careful not to get caught up into anything or what I need to get done won’t get done because I’m an excellent procrastinator if I don’t keep to my schedule.

3:30 Madeline is up from her nap and usually eats a small snack and has a fresh cup of water. We meet friends a couple times a week for play dates in the afternoon or play outside. If the weather is bad, we will do some type of art or Play Doh or play in the playroom until around five or five thirty when I have to get dinner ready.

6:00 We eat dinner. You may have noticed the lack of new recipes being posted since Corey started his new job. I’ve been cooking lots of easy things and using the crockpot a lot. I’ve also tried to get good at repurposing left overs so that I don’t have to cook a whole meal every night for just the two of us. One night a week we will usually order DoorDash or pick something up too. Cooking for just the two of us had been a bit of an adjustment but we are just keeping it easy! 

6:30 Madeline takes her bath then gets dressed in her pajamas. She has a cup of milk and cuddles on the couch with me for a few minutes while she watches 10-15 minutes of TV before heading upstairs at seven for her night time routine.

7:15 Madeline’s teeth are brushed, a story is read, prayers are said, sound machine is on, all the stuffed animals and baby dolls are tucked safely under their respective blankets and she is in the crib for the night. After she goes to bed I will finish up any outstanding chores or work for 15-30 minutes then try to relax. I watch TV or read a book, take a lavender bath and do a face mask, and Blog during this time. I try to squeeze in all my self-care routines that I enjoy like sunless tanning and nail painting after bed time during the week too while Corey is away so that when he gets home from work I can spend time with him.

We are off preschool and music starting next week for the summer so I know our schedule will be changing a lot and then next year when school starts back Madeline will be going three mornings because she loves being there so much and asks for her friends and teachers on days that she doesn't go!


  1. I am exhausted just reading this. You are doing great lady and she is getting so big! I feel like you just had her.

  2. I love post like this, thanks for sharing!

  3. What a full day! I really like that you try to get dressed for real, even though you totally could stay in workout clothes. I think that's awesome! I know it always makes me feel better.
    -Kristen //

  4. I love the fact you are a fellow 'snoozer' ! The breakfast you made looks delicious. Love the fact you are a Peppa Pig household - my husband and I appreciated the humour in this when watching with our son when he was small - it's always nice when they throw some humour in for the adults! I saw the 'pen' incident on Instagram - OH DEAR. Hope it is all sorted now! What a tinker! Joanne x P.S.Yes you are absolutely right I should find a recipe for Huevos Rancheros and be pro-active and make some - thanks for the kick up the bum!


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