Monday, May 7, 2018

Coffee + Conversation

Happy Monday, friends. Its hard to believe the weekend is over - they really go so fast, don't they?

On Friday we went to Costco for fig bars and coffee and then stumbled upon this. It was love at first sight for Madeline and apparently I have no self-control because it is being installed today as I type this.

Friday night we went to one of our old favorites, Cajun Queen, for some New Orleans shrimp and grits and live music for a little date night.

I wore this cute little off the shoulder top that I purchased in my first order from Shein. I love the little bows at the shoulders (the back looks exactly the same) and y'all - it was NINE dollars. I am going to share a little bit more about my thoughts after trying out Shein soon. If you want one of your own, I found this one ran very true to size and I am wearing a small.

On Saturday, we worked out then took Madeline out to breakfast. We had a few friends over in the afternoon for a mini Cinco de Mayo celebration and some backyard play time to wear everyone out before bed.

Yesterday was very laid back. I had to run over to Madeline's preschool to meet the Monday, Wednesday, Friday room mom for some Teacher's Appreciation Week work and then we headed over to our club just to enjoy some beautiful weather outside. It was a gorgeous, warm, sunny weekend in Charlotte. I even got to pull out some of Madeline's adorable spring clothes.

This week is a busy one for us, but don't forget to pop over to Facebook this week and join me for Go Gray in May. I'd love to have the support of some blogger friends in a great cause this month. The group kicks off today!

Happy Monday!


  1. The top is so cute! If we have room in our backyard we would so have a playset.

  2. Shrimp and grits is hands down one of the best meals there is! That looks so delicious!
    Shein has been very hit or miss for me. But, the misses don't feel so bad because it's so cheap!
    Kristen //

  3. Shrimp and grits is my FAVORITE! That top looks adorable on you. And, I'm trying to talk "Santa" into bringing one of those playsets for the boys for Christmas. We'll see if he agrees. ;)

  4. Oh my goodness, I love the playset you bought! You all are going to have an awesome backyard!

  5. I can totally see my mom doing this when I was younger. Fig Newtons or Playset .... probably would have always left with the playset!


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