Friday, June 29, 2018

5 things I'm loving right now

Happy Friday, friends! This week flew by but you won't hear any complaints from me about it! Today, I thought I would share five things I'm loving lately, even if it a random assortment!


I am absolutely obsessed with Beautycounter's new resurfacing peel. When we announced the launch of this product I was able to try it early as a consultant but I was honestly terrified to because I've never done any kind of peel. When I think "peel" I think about Samantha's chemical peel from Sex and the City. Anyone else watch that religiously back in the day?

But it touted some amazing claims so I decided to give it a go and now I don't think I'll ever be able to live without this stuff. It is a very gentle peel - so gently you don't even have to wash it off at night after you apply. I have very sensitive skin and I used it daily for the first month I had it and it did some amazing things for my skin. I already thought it was in better shape than it had been in years but since using the peel it has gotten so much softer, a much healthier "glow" that I assure you is not pregnancy related, and most shockingly it has smoothed out my forehead where the texture has always been kind of uneven.


I am also loving Suits. I know the current Meghan Markle obsession started this because it caused a lot of my friends to start watching, too, and tell me such good things. Its the online show that Corey and I are watching together right now and it is actually so hard for me to make it the week while he is away without sneaking an episode.


Anyone else use DoorDash for food delivery? It is such a life saver for me right now because I am still having a lot of food aversions. I try to cook several nights a week for Madeline and I but at least one night a week DoorDash comes to my rescue. There is a mediterranean restaurant that I LOVE but the traffic to get there is horrible at dinner so I love being able to still enjoy delivery without having to sit in the traffic with a toddler to pick it up. If its in your area and you haven't tried it, enjoy this code for $10 off. You can thank me later!


I'm also really loving shopping at Shein lately. I am typically a little weary of these type of online boutiques but I decided to give Shein a try after hearing a lot of bloggers rave about it. I am so happy with the quality relative to the super affordable prices - some select pieces are even available on Amazon prime. I have gotten a few things in a size up to wear while pregnant and it was nice to not have to spend a fortune on any maternity pieces.


I just finished reading One True Loves. The synopsis sounded so intriguing to me but I have to admit it was a slow start for me. My biggest motivation to get it finished on the plane last week was that I had Emily Giffin's new book on preorder and wanted to start it right away when it arrived. Well, once I got past the first couple chapters I couldn't put it down because it was just so thought provoking. It ended up being a great read and I'll probably check out some of her other books in the future, too.


  1. I listened to One True Loves on audiobook maybe a year ago and couldn't stop listening.. I remember tears flowing down my cheek at one point. I loved it!

  2. My mom started watching Suits after the royal wedding, and she is hooked. I need to watch! Especially because there really isn't anything good on tv right now. Have a great weekend!
    -Kristen //

    1. It is so good! And yes a perfect watch this time of year when the only things on tv are awful!

  3. I cannot wait to try the peel

  4. I totally think of Samantha from Sex and the City when I hear the words chemical peel! I'm glad that this one worked for you and you didn't have a crazy reaction! That clothing line sounds awesome, and you are looking great!

  5. Love all these things you've shared! Since Suits was filmed in Toronto and I'm from the Greater Toronto Area, I wanted to love it when it first came out... I really did. But I couldn't. Maybe it's time to try again.

    Felicity |


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