Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Lately + a trip to San Francisco

Happy Wednesday, friends! The past week has just flown by but I am finally sitting down with a cup of coffee to get caught up.

First up, the comment notifications seem to finally be working again on my blog so I’m excited to be able to chat back and forth by email again.

We spent the end of last week in San Francisco celebrating my sweet sister in law and her fiancé (now husband!) as they tied the knot. Madeline stayed home with her Nana so this was a nice little adults-only getaway.

It kicked off on Wednesday. Corey was in Minneapolis for work so I flew solo. Since we were both in the wedding, I had to check a bag which I try to avoid at all costs usually. But it was admittedly so nice to only have my purse. Sort of a rare feeling as a mama! 

Since my flight came in late afternoon and Corey’s didn’t arrive until right after midnight, I went straight to the hotel to do something else I never get to do as a mom. Take a super long hot shower, order room service, eat it alone in bed, and watch Friends reruns for an hour and a half.

Because of the time change we were up bright and early on Thursday and enjoyed the most delicious breakfast and a full day of sight seeing before meeting up with family in the afternoon for dinner. My sister in law recommended a Burmese restaurant and it was so delicious. 

Some time while we were out the craziest thing happened and the bride’s Uber driver ran over her foot while she was getting out of the car. Thank goodness she was ok and all of the swelling was gone by the next morning but talk about things that can go wrong in the days before your wedding!

Friday morning we explored the city a little more and had lunch before going back to our hotel, taking a short nap, and dressing for the rehearsal dinner. It was held at a restaurant on the water in Berkeley that is a favorite of the groom’s family and was wonderful. 

Then the next morning we were all up early again to start the hair and makeup process. The wedding was held at a park on a mountain above UC Berkeley and was just gorgeous. 

Then we headed home on Sunday morning. Flying back from the west coast is always so much less fun because it takes absolutely the entire day. We arrived home close to nine o clock and got Corey unpacked and repacked so he could be out on a seven am flight for work the next morning. And I’ve just been trying to get myself unpacked, things back in order at our house, and tackle a few projects I had been vowing to do - such as going through my old maternity clothes and Madeline’s baby clothes and cleaning out and selling what I don’t plan to keep. What a project!

Happy Wednesday, friends! I hope you all are having a great week! 


  1. Glad ya'll had a good time. Love San Fran.

  2. What a fun time! And yay for comments working again!

    1. It was short lived! They only worked on my last post! Haha! Hopefully some day soon!

  3. What a nice trip! I'm glad you got some time to yourself. :)

  4. Replies
    1. It really was! I haven’t been since I was a teenager so it was great to see it in a different light.

  5. I'm glad your comment notifications are working again! Mine still aren't. 1st world problems, haha.
    What a cool destination for a wedding! I love what you chose to do when you had a little time to yourself.
    But, holy moly, the thing about the Uber driver!! Whoa! That might be the worst thing ever, but it will make for a great story for them to tell.
    -Kristen //

    1. It ended up being very short lived! They worked for one day! But yes you are right - not a real problem in the scheme of things! Luckily she was ok but yes what a story to tell!

  6. A solo flight, checking into a hotel room for me time with friends, hair and make up am - it sounds like a dream! But I can't believe that the Bride had her foot run over - she was so lucky to make such a quick recovery! What a stress that must have been! The bride's dress is beautiful by the way - love the design. What is Burmese food like? It sounds fascinating! Noodles, spicy?


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