Monday, July 30, 2018

Coffee + Conversation

Happy Monday! This weekend just flew by like they all seem to recently.

We ordered Thai takeout on Friday night to relax after a long week and enjoyed it while watching Suits. 

Then, on Saturday we went to breakfast as a family and ran some errands. We ended up at a local baby furniture store to test out gliders. I know my husband really loves me because I know that is not how he wanted to spend his Saturday. The biggest lesson we learned from that shopping experience is that Madeline will not be getting a big girl bed with a ladder and slide for her room. Haha! 

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Stenciled Art for the Nursery

I am not very artistic but I do love a good DIY craft. For Madeline's nursery, I made her some decoupage wooden blocks using scrapbook paper that matched the decor of her nursery. They were really just a filler to style the shelves above her dresser and changing table but as she got older she really developed an interest in them. I told her that I made them for her when she was a baby in my belly and now she loves telling me about how Mommy made them for her before she was born. So, I knew I wanted to do some kind of craft for Baby Boy's nursery, too.

I recently went to a friend's birthday party at a local wine and design type studio. We used stencils to make wooden wall signs. It was such an easy craft but they all turned out so pretty. So, when Stencil Revolution contacted me about reviewing a set of their stencils, I knew this was exactly what I was looking for to add a special touch to the new nursery.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Coffee + Conversation

Happy Monday, friends.

We had a great weekend this weekend. On Friday night we went out with some friends to see Zoso, a Led Zeppelin cover band that was performing in town. It was a fun way to start the weekend.

Then on Saturday I took Madeline to her little friend’s birthday party in the morning while Corey went golfing. We came home in time for nap (after letting her eat chocolate cake with a sand shovel on the way home) and I took a few minutes to rest for myself. This has been the absolute hardest part of being pregnant the second time around. I am just exhausted all the time and have very little time to just lay down and relax or sneak in a quick nap.

Friday, July 20, 2018

5 on Friday

Happy Friday, friends. I'm coming to you a little later than usual today. It’s been a busy week over here and I don’t know where it has gone! Madeline came home from preschool camp with a runny nose yesterday so she tossed and turned a lot during the night and we are both feeling a little exhausted and running behind today.


I have been hard at work in the nursery this week. I’m happy to report that the closet is now officially cleaned out of all the junk that was haphazardly thrown in there and that it is ready for sweet little baby clothes. This may be my least favorite project I have completed in quite some time but it sure feels good to have it knocked off my list! Next week I'll be giving you the first sneak peek into the nursery by sharing a few fun pieces of art I made. 


The Shrimp and Grits Kids fall line launched this week. It is my favorite kids' clothing brand and I host a trunk show for them every year. I went ahead and placed an order early because I am always afraid of things selling out. I got Madeline the cutest little apple outfit for back to school from the Serendipity line which is so soft. I also got this dress to wear with little knee socks in the fall. The boys' clothing is especially cute this season unfortunately baby boy will be too small! Our code is 70024 if anyone else would like to check out the line for your own little ones.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Coffee + Conversation

Happy Monday, friends. I hope it was a good weekend for you!

Madeline napped until almost five o’clock on Friday afternoon which is just unheard of for her. So we took advantage of the super long nap to head out to our neighborhood pool for the evening and push a late bedtime. Every Friday the rec club in our neighborhood has live music and dinner. Sometimes they order in pizza or wings but this Friday everyone cooked a dish so we had lots of barbecue, ribs, pulled chicken, and all the sides and desserts. We had a great turnout of around one hundred people and it was lots of fun, especially since Madeline was well rested and could really enjoy a swim and the music. 

Friday, July 13, 2018

Weeks 14-18 Bumpdate (+gender reveal)

I feel like I just shared my first trimester bumpdate and was so surprised it was already time to post this! One thing that is so different about this second pregnancy is that it is just flying by!

How far along: 18 weeks 

Baby is the size of: a bell pepper according to the Babycenter app and weighs 9 ounces according to my anatomy scan this week.

Weight gain: 8 pounds. I am at the point where I am supposed to be gaining a pound a week but was a little nervous about this because I knew I had indulged in lots of splurges during our trips to Maine/New Hampshire and San Francisco but am still feeling healthy.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

A Trip to the Zoo

Madeline visited the zoo for the first time this weekend. We have several options for zoos within a short drive from Charlotte but we opted for the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia because it is the best and the day was unusually cool and overcast for this time of year.

We headed out right after breakfast and arrived shortly before they opened for the day. Madeline was talking about the animals she was going to see the whole drive down! 

Monday, July 9, 2018

Coffee + Conversation

Happy Monday, friends!

I apologize for the mini hiatus last week. It was a busy week and Corey was home more than usual thanks to the 4th so we just tried to soak up the extra family time and enjoy it. We had a great 4th at our neighborhood cookout and pool party during the day then relaxed at home on the porch after Madeline went to bed. The only thing missing was a big glass of crisp white wine! 

Monday, July 2, 2018

5 Goals for July

Happy July, friends! I cannot believe that it is already July. This year is just flying by and I cannot believe we are approaching the halfway point of my pregnancy. With Madeline out of preschool for the summer I have had to be so intentional with my time. Otherwise the day goes by and I will have accomplished nothing I need to get done except for playing with and loving on my sweet girl. Of course there are far worse things than that but I feel like I do have a daunting to-do list with items that need to be checked off.

1. Clean out the closet in the nursery. This is currently being used for storage and the most random items are stored there. First up is throwing out and donating what is inside because I honestly go months without opening the door.