Friday, July 20, 2018

5 on Friday

Happy Friday, friends. I'm coming to you a little later than usual today. It’s been a busy week over here and I don’t know where it has gone! Madeline came home from preschool camp with a runny nose yesterday so she tossed and turned a lot during the night and we are both feeling a little exhausted and running behind today.


I have been hard at work in the nursery this week. I’m happy to report that the closet is now officially cleaned out of all the junk that was haphazardly thrown in there and that it is ready for sweet little baby clothes. This may be my least favorite project I have completed in quite some time but it sure feels good to have it knocked off my list! Next week I'll be giving you the first sneak peek into the nursery by sharing a few fun pieces of art I made. 


The Shrimp and Grits Kids fall line launched this week. It is my favorite kids' clothing brand and I host a trunk show for them every year. I went ahead and placed an order early because I am always afraid of things selling out. I got Madeline the cutest little apple outfit for back to school from the Serendipity line which is so soft. I also got this dress to wear with little knee socks in the fall. The boys' clothing is especially cute this season unfortunately baby boy will be too small! Our code is 70024 if anyone else would like to check out the line for your own little ones.


Madeline had her last week of camp this week so I made the trek to IKEA, which is really only half an hour away but feels SO long. I got there right as they opened and it was not nearly as miserable as I anticipated based off my past experiences of going on weekends. I had a number of things on my list including a step stool so she could reach her sink to wash her own hands, little wooden spice racks to serve as wall book shelves in the nursery, a ton of frames for random projects, and Madeline’s favorite from the haul - these little towel hooks for her bathroom. She got the pink one for her towel and we got baby brother the little blue one.

Beautycounter just launched a whole collection of new blushes, bronzers, highlighters, and eyeshadows that I am super excited about. I’m most excited about the eyeshadow pallets because finding safe eyeshadow in pretty colors with good pigment has been so challenging. Christy Coleman, our product creator, is so talented. I ordered this one and this one.

Here’s a little confession - I have been eating super healthy this pregnancy and have been really proud of it. Except the last three days I have just wanted to eat absolutely everything in sight. Which if I had properly grocery shopped would’ve been tons of fresh fruit, Greek yogurt, and quinoa chips because that’s how our fridge is usually stocked but since I did not - it ended up being pizza, pimento cheese, chocolate chip cookies, and strawberry ice cream. Here’s to hitting up the healthy aisles of the grocery store over the weekend! 


  1. Ikea is always so overwhelming! It sounds like you picked up some good stuff, and I personally cannot wait to see the nursery! I just love nurseries.
    Hope you get some rest this weekend and that Madeline doesn't get sick!
    Kristen //

  2. I always eat so much healthier when I keep the kitchen stocked with healthy options. Otherwise I end up in the same boat! Those towel hooks are adorable!

  3. Since reading your post and seeing Shrimp and Grits a lot on Sweet Southern Prep I went on the site - the clothes are really adorable, and original - I can see why you love the company - and buy in advance! Looking forward to seeing what you show on your blog over the next few weeks. Sounds like you are really progressing with your nursery - that's pretty impressive that you are going to display your own art! We are currently in the room clearance phase - getting rid of furniture and trying to relocate other pieces, so to start with a clean slate. It is SOOO hard not buying things. When you had Madeleine how long did you wait until you started setting up her room and buying things? I am DYING to get organised. The beauty counter palette is gorgeous - I'd snap one up in a heart beat it I could; I know exactly what you mean about fining a natural brand with pigment, I am finding mascara the hardest! Hope Madeleine is feeling ok now. Enjoy your food treats (I did the same on Friday with the pizza and feel GREAT for it) - sometimes your body is just telling you it needs those extra calories - sounded delicious anyway! Hope you are having a great weekend - Joanne xx

  4. Loving my BC eyeshadows! The colors are gorgeous. I wish E would wear Shrimp & Grits, but she is just so set in her ways. However, she starts uniforms for pre-school in a couple weeks, so we shall see how it goes. Ikea is like an hour from me, but still I dread it. I have not been in years just cause of the drive and crowds on the weekends.


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