Monday, July 9, 2018

Coffee + Conversation

Happy Monday, friends!

I apologize for the mini hiatus last week. It was a busy week and Corey was home more than usual thanks to the 4th so we just tried to soak up the extra family time and enjoy it. We had a great 4th at our neighborhood cookout and pool party during the day then relaxed at home on the porch after Madeline went to bed. The only thing missing was a big glass of crisp white wine! 

I have been SO busy diving right in to my July goals list I shared last week. My mother in law came over to watch Madeline one morning last week so I could run an errand solo and then when I got home she helped me work on our guest room. A local mom group learned of a mama in need and bound together to furnish a new home for her and her little ones so I donated some things from the guest room that I had planned to part with later when he baby came anyway. So that really lit a fire under my tail to finalize my plans for the guest room once it was missing half of its decor!

Madeline also had a very busy week last week. She had a play date at the splash pad with one of her favorite little friends and then my parents took her out to dinner to experience her first meal at a Hibachi restaurant. She was in absolute heaven! She loved watching the food cooked in front of her (except for the fire) and went to town on the soup, noodles, chicken, and rice. It was pretty adorable!

She has also been enjoying soccer on Friday mornings recently. I’m not sure that she has learned anything yet but it is so funny to watch a whole group of uncoordinated toddlers run after the ball. 

We took Madeline on her first trip to the zoo on Saturday. She had such a great time. I’ll share more in its own post but I have to say two and half (almost) is the perfect age for the zoo!

She is in a little morning-only camp for a few days this week so I have time to tackle a few projects solo. One of those is a trip to IKEA. Does anyone else completely dread IKEA? I have a couple items I want for the nursery that I can only get there and Madeline most certainly would not fair well at IKEA so it looks like I will be going this week - or searching for any and every excuse to put it off until September when she goes back to school! 

All the extra family time has just been so sweet and we have been enjoying it so much. Back to our regular schedule today, though! 


  1. There is nothing funnier than watching toddlers pay soccer.. I love it!

  2. E does soccer shots as well, she loves it.And we live at the zoo, when its not hotter than heck.

  3. Aww, what a fun week! It looks like you all are enjoying every moment of summer!

  4. Where do you do the soccer shots?? I will need to pick your brain, since L is prob going to do soccer this fall!! Also, love that you all went to the zoo. I am getting the courage up to brave the heat and go sometime soon...did you do Riverbanks? Glad we got to see you at the pool! :)

  5. Ok, love that picture of her on the soccer ball! How sweet! I'm sure she loves it, even though she is little.
    Looks like you guys had a lot of family time this week! I have a love hate relationship with Ikea. It's so affordable, but so overwhelming.
    Kristen //

  6. It is so impressive that she is fascinated by the cooking (Japanese?) at her age AND likes to eat it! Such a gorgeous photo of her on the football - it is hilarious watching them at that age do any sport, Caspar did it at 5 and you would expect more possibly but he spent most the time rolling in the grass and discussing his shiny blue boots. Saw your insta story - do you know if you are having a boy or a girl yet? Joanne xx

  7. The picture of your daughter on the soccer ball is so sweet. Her face is priceless!


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