Monday, July 23, 2018

Coffee + Conversation

Happy Monday, friends.

We had a great weekend this weekend. On Friday night we went out with some friends to see Zoso, a Led Zeppelin cover band that was performing in town. It was a fun way to start the weekend.

Then on Saturday I took Madeline to her little friend’s birthday party in the morning while Corey went golfing. We came home in time for nap (after letting her eat chocolate cake with a sand shovel on the way home) and I took a few minutes to rest for myself. This has been the absolute hardest part of being pregnant the second time around. I am just exhausted all the time and have very little time to just lay down and relax or sneak in a quick nap.

We went out for restaurant week Saturday night. We had appetizers and cocktails (for Corey) at a speakeasy themed bar in town and then tried a new steakhouse that opened last year. It was good but definitely not nearly the best in town despite having amazing reviews so I don’t think I would go back.

Sunday morning I went to barre while Corey had some one on one time with Madeline then I stopped by Old Navy. I am in that weird stage of pregnancy where maternity pants are a must but most tops don’t lay properly yet. Most of my maternity clothes are fall clothing or basic tees I used for layering last time. So I picked up a few items from Old Navy to get me by the next couple weeks.

First up was this tank. It’s long and flowy enough to be comfortable and flattering on my bump now but I know I’ll enjoy it in the winter under a cardigan to camouflage that postpartum tummy. Because it’s so flowy it will be easy to nurse in, too. I purchased it in two colors. 

I also got this one which is similar but with a higher neckline. I think the color looks great with my white maternity shorts and jeans now but I am also looking forward to pairing it with leggings or jeans and my Barefoot Dreams cardigan I picked up during the Nordstrom sale.

Finally, I purchased this swing dress. I love that it can be worn with sandals or wedges with a long necklace for a more dressed up look. It will be cute this winter layered under a sweater or jean jacket with tights and booties. I purchased the black but am planning to order it in at least one other color online. I'm thinking I'll start with this pretty floral.  

This week I am off to search for the perfect chair for the nursery because I just wasn’t in love with Madeline’s glider and am traumatized from spending so much time in it when she was a non-sleeper in the early months. 

I spent way too much time last week searching for the perfect lamp and now need to return two lamps because I decided to go with my first selection after all! Haha! I have a few other nursery projects I want to complete. I’m trying to have the nursery complete by the end of August so that we can work on Madeline’s big-girl room so we are just trudging along with the projects. 

What is on the agenda for you this week? 


  1. It sounds like a great weekend, and I love the new tops and dress you picked up!

  2. Love the new tops and dresses. Yes, the perfect glider is a must when you spend so much time in it.

  3. Yes! I did the same with the glider; went from a passed-down one to one I KNEW I needed and wanted (and was comfy!). It now sits in our bedroom because it's so comfy and I love it!

  4. An evening at a speakeasy sounds fantastic! I had to laugh at the chocolate cake with the sand shovel :)) I can understand how exhausted you are looking after a toddler, a home and getting everything ready for your baby boy - I hope you can get some rest windows when you can. I was looking at gliders last night - NO IDEA though what to look for when looking for a good one? Any tips? The swing tops are a great idea - I am finding a lot of mine not lying right or riding up more - the ones you have picked look perfect!


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