Monday, July 30, 2018

Coffee + Conversation

Happy Monday! This weekend just flew by like they all seem to recently.

We ordered Thai takeout on Friday night to relax after a long week and enjoyed it while watching Suits. 

Then, on Saturday we went to breakfast as a family and ran some errands. We ended up at a local baby furniture store to test out gliders. I know my husband really loves me because I know that is not how he wanted to spend his Saturday. The biggest lesson we learned from that shopping experience is that Madeline will not be getting a big girl bed with a ladder and slide for her room. Haha! 

After Madeline took her nap we went to the pool at our golf club for the afternoon. It was SO hot this weekend so it was a nice way to spend the afternoon. We ordered dinner there so that when we got home Madeline just needed a quick shower and then it was time for bed.

On Sunday Madeline and Corey ran a few errands and I hosted a Shrimp and Grits Kids trunk show along with a neighbor. I ended up picking up this dress for Madeline to wear for her baby brother’s newborn pictures. 

I also got her this one because it’s so cute when they twirl around. It also comes in a Bitty Baby/American Girl size that is adorable so that they can match. I thought she was a little young to appreciate that but maybe by next year! 

Yesterday was National Lipstick Day. That’s a made-up holiday that I can get behind! In honor of the day, I am offering a free lipstick or gloss of your choice with any Beautycounter purchase over $75. It’s a great time to swap out those lipsticks containing heavy metals and other unsafe ingredients.

This week I am still working a bit on the nursery and moving on to less fun things like picking out a replacement ceiling fan and measuring so that I can order blinds. Thrilling! But it must be done because both the blinds and the ceiling fan are still stuck in the 90’s from when our house was built. 

What is on your list for the week ahead?

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  1. You did a ton this weekend. I wish E would wear twirly dresses.


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