Wednesday, August 15, 2018

3 Favorite Beauty Tools You Can Find on Amazon

Ever since becoming a mom, I have a new appreciation for Amazon and online shopping in general. It is just so much more convenient for me to order the products I need and have them shipped to my door instead of dragging an unruly two year old all over town.

I have found a couple beauty tools that I just love that are available on Amazon. These have become part of my regular  beauty regimen and I’m so glad I stumbled upon them online. 

If you are not using a microdermabrasion roller already you are really missing out. Basically, this roller is covered in teeny tiny needles that lightly puncture the top layer of skin. That sounds painful but I promise it is not. The benefit is that it stimulates collagen production, which is something our skin struggles with as we get older. This helps fight fine lines, bright elasticity back to our skin, and make our skin smoother. Micro needling can also help acne scars and skin discoloration, even if you’ve been struggling with these for years. I have my eye in the GloPro for Christmas to take my micro-needling to the next level, but I have absolutely seen a difference in my skin since starting using my roller last year and this one is such a steal. I use it twice a week, focusing on all the areas of my skin that are prone to fine lines - elevens, forehead, around my eyes, and around my mouth. It’s really important to follow up using the roller with an effective serum while your skin is so prepped to absorb product. I use this face oil that is specifically formulated to fight fine lines after micro rolling.

Cleaning your makeup brushes is so important for your skin. Yes - it preserves the brushes so they will last longer, which protects your investment, but more importantly it helps keep bacteria off your skin. Brushes can get really gross so cleaning them weekly keeps all that environmental debris and bacteria off your face and away from your pores. If acne has been a struggle for you, it is even more important to clean your brushes regularly and can make a big difference. This silicone brush cleaner helps get all the junk out of your brushes without damaging the bristles. You just wet your brushes, apply a generous amount of cleaner, and rub them over the little bumps in a circular motion. For cleaners that are gentle and not full of toxins, I like this one and this castile soap. 

So I’ve heard how awesome dermaplaning is for over a year now and just finally started trying it myself last month. It was described to me as basically shaving your face so I couldn’t wrap my head around whether it was really necessary until I caught an Instagram stories of a dermatologic nurse practitioner doing it. It removes any peach fuzz but also dead skin cells that cause your skin to look dull and that can clog pores. There are lots of tutorials online of how to dermaplane and you should always follow-up dermaplaning with a product containing Vitamin C (I love this oil) and a deep moisturizer (like this night cream.) For me, it gave my skin a really pretty glow and made it feel so smooth. I think it’s a once a month type practice for me but I was so pleasantly surprised and you can’t beat the $7 price tag on the razor.

These products are all such a steal (under $20) and so convenient to have shipped to our home. What are your favorite beauty tools and products to buy online? 


  1. So I used to have a microneedling thing from R+F but was told it is bad for you to do on your own skin and to have professional do it so nwo I am scared lol. I have that brush cleaner pad love it. And maybe I should try the dermaplanning.

  2. The facial razors have saved me a fortune in eyebrow waxes! I don't have to go very often anymore because I can shave off that peach fuzz that grows under my eyebrows. It cleans that area up so nicely!
    Kristen //


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