Friday, August 24, 2018

Fall Shopping for the Toddler with Mac + Mia

We are so looking forward to heading back to school in just two weeks. As a former teacher, this is one of my favorite times of year. As a parent, it can be stressful though, because toddlers grow so fast that they need an entire new wardrobe each year.

When my friend, Lynn, shared that she had recently taken the leap to become a stylist for Mac + Mia, I was immediately intrigued. I purchase Madeline’s play clothes second hand from a local mom group but I also love her to have nicer, cute pieces to wear around town, to play dates, and to music class. I just love baby and kids clothes so much and I love picking out her outfits, while she's still young enough to let me.

But, as she has gotten older shopping for her has gotten a little more complex. She is petite for her age so sometimes toddler sizes run too long but baby sizes don’t work either because she’s potty trained and doesn’t need all that extra room in the tush. Add in that she is strong-willed and independent by nature and in the thick of the “terrible two’s,” shopping for her can just be downright traumatic for all parties.

Mac + Mia is a curated box of children’s clothing that comes right to your door. Unlike other clothing delivery services, it is not a subscription. You can order just one box or set your account up to receive them more frequently. For me, this is something I would do twice a year during the transition to fall and then again in the spring. I told Lynn what I was looking for - girly clothes that were soft and fun. Nicer than what to wear for painting or in the sandbox but not as dressy as what I’d like Madeline to wear to church. You can also include preferences for textures or things to avoid like buttons or scratchy tags - because we all know some little ones can be quite picky with these things! 

My box arrived stuffed to the brim with so many cute items. Choosing what to keep and what to send back was my biggest challenge. There is a $20 stylist fee (although you can get your first $20 off here) but that fee is waived if you decide to keep at least two items. If you love everything, you receive an extra 15% off but if not your box arrives with an envelope to mail the items you wish to return back.

I was so pleased with our box. Madeline loved almost every item and the quality of all the pieces was great. Everything was very cute and I know she will enjoy wearing her new, cute clothes in the fall. It was so much easier to try everything on her at home instead of in a dressing room where she would undoubtedly throw a tantrum at being confined or try to climb under the door and run away! 

Another feature I loved about having he clothes come right to our house was that I could see how they looked with leggings, tights, shoes, and other accessories we already had before making a final decision on what to keep and what to return. Sometimes I will purchase something for her thinking it will be a perfect match for an item we already have at home and then once I get it home with it, it doesn’t turn out the way I envisioned, which requires me to either go back out to return it or to purchase something else to make an outfit work. Mac  + Mia was such a fun way to clothes shop for Madeline this season and I am looking forward to trying out another box in the spring.

You can snag a box of your own here - be sure to request Lynn as your stylist. A toddler mom and blogger herself, she will pack your box with an extra personal touch. My box arrived with a personalized note and a few special picks that Lynn's own daughter helped choose.

Mamas, tell me, have you ever tried Mac + Mia or a similar service? Where do you love to shop for your kids' clothes?


  1. That's so nice that it isn't a subscription service. I hate getting sucked into things that you have to pay a subscription for! Those clothes are so cute!

  2. What an adorable idea! Madeline looks like a doll. It's really nice that it's not a subscription. I think getting it during season changes is a great idea!
    Kristen //


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