Wednesday, September 19, 2018

5 Things I'm Loving Right Now

Happy Wednesday, friends! We are finally back to preschool and our regular routine today and I have to say I am really looking forward to settling back in to our new routine. With the storm and being trapped in the house, it was the perfect time to focus on a little online shopping. Here is what I am loving right now.

I missed these in the Nordstrom sale this year but still really wanted them. I kept hearing how comfortable they were, which is always a win for me. I kind of feel like at this point in my life I am over wearing uncomfortable shoes just for the sake of cuteness. These have been cycling in and out of stock (not on sale, though) and I finally caught the gray pair in my size. They arrived just before the storm and I love them. They really are so comfortable and perfect for this time of year when it is basically fall but won't feel like it for quite some time in North Carolina.

Two | Beautycounter's Countersun Sunscreen

If you've read here for some time you probably already know that I had basal cell carcinoma in my twenties and underwent surgery to remove two spots - once while I was in college and then again just before our wedding. I was definitely hard-headed about sun exposure for a long time but now I wear sunscreen every day. Obviously I'm slightly biased because I work for Beautycounter but I am obsessed with the Countersun collection that debuted this year. It doesn't have that coconut-ty smell that I hate since we don't use any artificial fragrances (which have recently been dubbed the new second-hand smoke) which makes it perfect for wearing year-round. It also contains California poppy as an anti-aging ingredient, which is so important on sun-exposed skin. Many sunscreens contain retinol which, when combined with sun exposure, aids in tumor-growth and something I can't personally use knowing that I am already prone to skin cancer. Countersun was just named an Allure Best of Beauty winner and right now we are giving away a 1 oz size (perfect for tossing in your purse) with any purchase. No minimum required. As summer winds down, we often think sunscreen is no longer necessary but don't forget to apply it when you are out for fall activities and football games!

Three | This is Us and Fall TV 

I am really excited that This is Us returns next week. I have been missing having a regular weekly show to follow over the summer, even though I did thoroughly enjoy binge watching Suits many an evening. What fall shows are you looking forward to returning next week?

I fell in love with this sweater during a sale last week and just had to pick it up. I grabbed one size up from my regular and it fits snugly now although probably won't make it through my pregnancy (it is non-maternity) but I really purchased it to wear this winter after Baby Boy makes his debut. I love a good, cozy sweater with just a little extra interest and the bow on the back of this one does the trick. 

Five | Baby Boy's Nursery 

The remaining pieces of his furniture arrive today and then the first of next week and it will be finished! I have been hard at work hanging art, moving Madeline's crib in, and selling baby girl clothes to clean out his closet. Yesterday I had the ugliest ceiling fan ever removed and switched out to a much more attractive one. It is turning out so cute and looks a whole lot like my inspiration board. The crib is still on the lowest height for toddler time out purposes, naturally. 


  1. Those booties are precious! I'm also thrilled that "This is Us" is returning next week; I'm sure I'll be absolutely bawling on the couch watching it. And, his nursery is precious! I adore buffalo check!

  2. Those booties are so cute. I need a new pair and a low cute one too, you always find the cutest things. Cannot wait for This is Us!!! But girl Suits is my jam.

  3. What a cute nursery! I can't wait to see the whole thing.

  4. The nursery is looking so smart! You have done a fantastic job. I didn't realise you had carcinomas removed in your twenties - but it is so great that you learned from it - you have such lovely skin! I didn't learn my lesson until literally a couple of years ago - I wished I'd been more vigilent before then. Do you wear sunscreen year round? J xx I've never done that before as usually by this time of year I don't think the sun is strong enough til about May next year but I guess it should be a year round thing.


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