Monday, September 17, 2018

Coffee + Conversation

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you all had a great weekend and that if your area was in the path of Florence that you are safe this morning. We were very lucky that Charlotte didn’t get quite as big of a hit as they were expecting and that our house sits up so high that we didn’t have any of the flooding that other parts of town, and even other parts of our neighborhood, experienced.

Preschool is cancelled again today so we aren’t quite back to our normal schedule today but still getting off pretty un-scathed considering so I have no complaints. Except taking Madeline with me to my glucose test appointment since that’s a long time to keep a toddler entertained at the doctor’s office! 

Her preschool was closed on Friday, too, so we ripped off the bandaid and switched her from a crib to her big-girl bed. There is still so much we are doing to her room but this was the first step and it broke my heart a little. I was ready to do it because I needed to get the crib into the nursery and the bed out of the nursery so I could finish up that room this week. But, then I was looking at this picture of her in her crib with all her stuffed animals from just a couple days ago and allll the emotions started flowing knowing that she would never sleep in a crib ever again. 

Corey was able to get home from his travels last week early so he was working from home on Friday and he cooked us a nice dinner and then we just relaxed with the porch doors open while it rained. Anyone else love that sound? 

It rained all day Saturday and got really windy but all of our super tall, old trees stayed put. We hung out at home and watched far, far more TV than usual. I took the opportunity of being trapped inside to tackle a few organizational projects around the house and pull out my fall decorations.

We made an easy dinner at home on Saturday and were super thankful we still had power so we snuggled in the couch and watched a movie.

Then, yesterday, it rained A TON. We heard from friends that they had flooded basements and backyards, trees down, roof leaks, and power out but we didn’t have any issues, even though we held our breath a few times looking at our Bradford pears swaying in the wind. I’ve never been so thankful that our house sits so high or for all those trees that were so close to the house that we had to have removed during our landscaping and porch projects.

We made blueberry pancakes for breakfast - Madeline did all the mixing and helped flip them. Then, I gave myself a little fall mani-pedi to pass some time and then I went to bed early last night because three days stuck in the house with a toddler definitely took its role on my energy level. Madeline is out of school one more day today as are the public schools in our area but hopefully we can get back to our normal schedule tomorrow. I have a couple projects planned for the nursery this week, including swapping out the world’s ugliest ceiling fan and two furniture deliveries for my last two items.

It was actually kind of nice to be forced to take a slow weekend at home. I really enjoyed having Corey home for a longer period of time and getting to spend some time relaxing as a family. Of course we were lucky to be able to just relax and not have to worry too much, which I know isn't the case for all of those affected. Friends who got a more direct hit, I'm thinking and praying for you today!


  1. I'm so glad y'all stayed safe, but I know how ready you are for preschool to be back in session! ;) Proud of her for sleeping in her big girl bed like a champ!

  2. so glad yall are safe and that you were pretty much unscathed. And yeah for big girl beds and home time, but man I know you need some alone time too.

  3. I'm so thankful that you all haven't had any damage and that you were able to keep electricity. We didn't get very much at all, but it was still pretty rainy and windy. It is nice to have time at home, but I was so jazzed to go to finally get back into a routine today. I hope your glucose test goes well.

  4. Glad you guys came out unscathed! My in-laws are near Charlotte, and they said the same thing-it just rained a lot. They had company though, so it kinda stunk not to be able to go out and about.
    I think you are so right, sometimes it's nice just to be stuck inside!
    Kristen //

  5. So glad you were all ok in the storm - but sorry to hear about friends and the flooding. We got a lot of coverage here and it was so sad hearing about people who's homes were so badly damaged. It is hard when they move from the cot to the bed - but I bet she has her teddies for a very long time yet (Caspar still has his - sssshh!) :) Joanne x


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