Wednesday, October 3, 2018

26-30 Week Bumpdate

How in the world did we get to 30 weeks? This just blows my mind and it is so surreal knowing that we will meet Baby Boy in 8-10 weeks. So, so soon. Yet, also as anyone whose ever experienced the third trimester knows, also so very far away!

How far along: 30 weeks

Baby is the size of: a large cabbage and weighs almost three pounds.

Weight gain: 22-24 pounds depending on the day. Really getting up there but I'm still feeling good and staying active so I'm just trying to ignore the scale!

Symptoms: Exhaustion, lots of back pain, tons of pelvic pressure, and my boobs are huge compared to normal.

Cravings: After craving sweets for a couple weeks that has calmed down and I'm not really craving anything recently. I'm also not having any aversions any more and cooking finally doesn't bother me.

Eating lately: I am loving salads, especially a grilled romaine version of a wedge salad which I am demanding that Corey make for me on the grill any chance I get. I'm also really enjoying chicken with vegetables on the side again and am currently eating three meals and a mid-morning snack. Probably twice per week I'm also indulging in a dessert. My current favorite are these mug brownies that only take a minute in the microwave with a scoop of vanilla Haagen-Dazs on top. One thing I am really missing right now is pumpkin and seasonal beer. I'm about to stock pile our garage fridge so that I can partake in December.

Exercise: I am officially modifying most of my workouts. In barre, I feel like there's something new I have to modify every week since I hit the third trimester a couple weeks ago because my belly is huge. Now that Madeline is back in school, I'm trying to walk for my cardio twice per week, and then working out at home for two additional days using my Beachbody on Demand membership. I'll share more about my third trimester workouts in a couple weeks.

Baby's Movement: He is still moving but the movements are much smaller most of the time, a sign that he is running out of room in there! He is most active at night and if I've had anything sweet.

Wearing lately: I am wearing pretty much all maternity clothes aside from a few swing dresses (I love these and these, both from Old Navy and super inexpensive). These are my favorite jeans and I love these leggings (I have them in three colors.) I'm really over it being so hot because I have some cute fall maternity clothes from my first pregnancy that I'm ready to pull out so that I look a little more put together. Right now, I'm getting by with just tee shirts and anything short sleeve I have that is very flowy and generous. Come on, cool weather.

Sleep: I have been sleeping a little bit better. I've been trying to diffuse lavender in the evenings and drink this organic lavender chamomile tea some evenings to relax and unwind. I am still loving my Snoogle pregnancy pillow but I do wake up with tons of back pain and super stiff in the morning. I feel like this has just as much to do with having a back injury a year ago as it does with being pregnant. I have lots of stretching to do as soon as I get out of bed but definitely getting better quality of sleep than I was this time last month.

Stretch marks: Not yet but my belly is getting so large. I feel like I am way bigger than I was when I was pregnant with Madeline. I am still using this oil and then this belly butter twice per day.

Belly button in or out: Its still in for the time being. We shall see!

Highs/lows: My high this month has been finishing the nursery. I still have some organization to do in his closet and am waiting on my chair to be delivered on Monday but otherwise the room is ready. My sweet mother-in-law took all of his clothes home and washed them for me so they are even unpacked and ready to go in his dresser. I am just so happy with how the room came out. I posted a poll on Instagram regarding a rug for his room, which was such a hard choice, and the winning one arrived yesterday and I am so pleased. There's just such a sense of satisfaction in finishing a project like that and crossing it completely off the to-do list.

I don't really have any lows this month. I did have some contractions, which were scary, but my OB felt like they were a fluke and maybe related to the storm (barometric pressure?) or not drinking as much water as usual. They only lasted for a day and I didn't dilate at all so I guess I don't have any lows to be concerned about! Baby Boy is hanging in there!

We are getting so close to Baby Boy's arrival so now that most of the projects are coming to an end I am trying to relax a little more and just enjoy these last few weeks of what will probably be my last pregnancy.

You can read my 27-30 week bumpdate from my first pregnancy here or check out all pregnancy-related posts here. And just for fun, here's a little side-by-side. I definitely think Baby Boy is bigger!


  1. You are looking so good and happy and healthy! I just cannot believe he will be here soon. I feel like you just announced you were pregnant. Hang in there.

  2. Look at you, SO dang cute! Home stretch now!


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