Monday, October 29, 2018

Coffee + Conversation

Happy Monday, friends. I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Friday was Corey's birthday so Madeline and I baked him a cake. His two favorite cakes are this coconut cake and just a boxed yellow cake with chocolate icing. Even though the coconut cake is amazing and will totally blow your mind if you bake it, we went the yellow cake route this year so that Madeline could be more involved.

She helped me with the icing and then took charge of the sprinkles. Then, she insisted that we decorate it with a dinosaur candle. However, I wasn't willing to drive all over town looking for one of those so she settled on three dinosaurs and a candle. Two year olds are the best.

Friday evening Corey's mom and his grandmother, who was in town visiting, came over and we all had cake together before going out to dinner. We went to Cajun Queen, which is a favorite. Their shrimp and grits, y'all!

On Saturday we had friends over to watch the Clemson game, which was not very exciting for either side. Sorry Florida State friends.

Then, we ran a few errands - like picking up our new baby monitor and a few newborn essentials from Target. Exciting times, I tell you.

We ate dinner at home then Corey and I finished watching Season 7 of Suits. Now we are caught up to the serason that is currently on but I just don't know that I will love it without Meghan Markle. Those of you who are currently watching, tell me - should I keep going?

Yesterday we ran some errands like buying Corey a new suitcase since he left his last one on the floor of the garage and I accidentally ran over it. Whooooops. We also picked up a propane heater for our screened-in porch so we could keep enjoying it now that the weather is cooling off.

I can't believe the end of October is here! We are in my busy season with Beautycounter, Corey's busy season at work, the final full week of the One Room Challenge, and just four or five weeks to go before Baby Boy's arrival.

Nesting mode hit last week and I cleaned out all of the drawers in our room and my closet and started reorganizing a few kitchen cabinets so I have the rest of that fun to look forward to this week and having our carpets cleaned. So, it will be a glamorous week. ;)

What do you have planned for the week ahead?


  1. Suits is worth continuing! I was worried about how it'd go without Mike and Rachel, but it's surprisingly great. I couldn't believe it, but I didn't miss the characters. I think towards the end of Season 7, Mike and Harvey's banter and the M&R relationship were used as fail-safe easy storylines, and without those, the show got richer and deeper. Other relationships and storylines have been developed more, and I think on the whole, it's very interesting and watchable. It's different, definitely, but still really good.

  2. Love that cake - so cute! Hope the weekend was fab! xo

  3. Keep going! And love the cake, dinos and all.

  4. Nesting is the best! One of my favorite cakes is yellow cake with chocolate icing, too. 🙃

  5. Hahaha, running over the suitcase...I can't stop laughing!
    -Kristen //


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