Thursday, October 18, 2018

One Room Challenge | Week 3 | The Perfect Chandelier

Madeline’s bedroom came equipped with a flush mount overhead light. I affectionately refer to these as “boob” lights because well, that’s what they look like. While they don’t bother me in hallways and we have several other ones in our home, I just don’t love them or think they belong in a bedroom. Especially a sweet little girl’s “big girl room.”

Nothing makes a statement quite like a giant boob in the center of your ceiling, right? 

When trying to decide what I wanted to replace it with, I contemplated using a ceiling fan because that is my own preference for sleeping. But, we keep our thermostat set pretty low year-round and Madeline’s room is the first one off the exchange so it wasn’t really necessary, which gave me an even more exciting idea.

What says little girl’s bedroom more than a chandelier? 

After doing some hunting, I chose this chandelier for Madeline’s room because it felt like just the perfect amount of femininity without being too much. I had my electrician out to swap the boob light out for me along with a few other projects and Madeline and I both spent the day admiring her new light. 

She just loves it, which made me so happy! I love the little crystals and think they tie in so nicely with her curtain rods and the knobs on her dresser. A big bonus is that the light bulbs are a whole lot easier to change than the old flush mount, too!

The biggest challenge of switching out this light fixture was that once the old flush mount boob job was removed it left a dirty, damaged paint ring on the ceiling. It had been there for over twenty years after all! So, my mother in law swooped in and helped me scrape, repair, and paint the ceiling so that I didn’t have to hire out another job. I was a little hesitant to tackle this by myself at a million weeks pregnant so she truly was a Godsend. I sure am lucky that paint and interior design is one of her biggest passions! It took a full morning one day while Madeline was at preschool but was all ready for her by the time she got home for a nap. We used Benjamin Moore’s ceiling paint. Now, it’s safe to say that Madeline has the freshest, prettiest ceiling in our home. 

It was definitely worth the hassle of painting the ceiling to make this lighting swap and Madeline and I are both equally in love with her new chandelier. It really does make such a beautiful, girly statement for her room!

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  1. What a sweet light for a girl's room! I may need to turn my guest room a bit girly so I can use pretty and fun decor like this. :)


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