Thursday, October 25, 2018

One Room Challenge | Week 4 | Floral Accent Wall

My biggest splurge for Madeline’s big girl room was her wallpaper. I have known I wanted to do an accent wall with wallpaper for over a year. I just wasn’t sure which wall and what type of wallpaper for the longest time. When I decided on bedding for Madeline, I ordered a sample of this wallpaper. It was a beautiful match and I crossed my fingers that she would like it too.

When I showed Madeline the sample she said it was “so pretty” and then carried it around with her for days. I cannot tell you all how excited (and relieved) I was because I was so hoping she would approve. While she is still too young to really pick things out for herself she is very opinionated so I needed her approval step by step through the design process.

This accent wall was definitely a labor of love. The company was severely behind schedule in production of wallpaper yet didn’t communicate that to me until after my order was placed even though I had emailed them prior to ordering to inquire on the turn around time. They were weeks behind on production. Then, it took forever to actually start moving once it was marked “shipped”, which all really delayed this whole project. I lost my place “in line” with our installer because it didn’t arrive on time and it was just a huge mess. I was definitely sweating over whether this aspect of the project would be complete in time to share the result as part of the challenge but it worked out in the end. Once it finally did ship it made it across the country super quickly and while I wouldn't order from the same source for another project on a deadline, I would absolutely order from them again for a project that didn't have one because the quality is wonderful.

I hired out this job to a professional installer and he was able to squeeze me in, even though the paper had been delayed, during Hurricane Michael because we didn't lose power. I love DIY projects but I just couldn’t trust myself with a task I’d never done before using such expensive wallpaper, especially with a task that required climbing up and down a ladder while super pregnant.

What a difference this makes, though! Madeline loved it from the second she saw it, which made me so happy. It adds so much to her room and really brightens up an otherwise boring wall. I really couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

Just two weeks until I can share the final product with you! Check out all the work we've done on this room so far here:

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  1. The wallpaper looks amazing! I love the pop it adds to the room.

  2. It's beautiful and really makes the space!

  3. I just looked through all the previous posts. What a transformation! It's amazing how just a few changes make such a big difference.

  4. Totally worth the wait, I'd say! It's beautiful!
    -Kristen //


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