Tuesday, November 13, 2018

5 easy swaps to “clean up” your makeup routine

For me the decision to “clean up” my skincare routine and swap out my favorite products in favor of safer ones was an easy one. We are a very health-minded family and having a daughter, I feel a lot of responsibility setting a good example for her.

Making the switch to safer makeup was a little more difficult, though. I had a favorite blush I had been wearing for years and finding that perfect concealer or mascara can be a surprisingly personal choice. Sometimes ignorance becomes bliss in terms of our favorite makeup and it is easier to not dig into the safety of our products in favor of being able to still use those that we've grown to love. At the beginning of this year I decided to start switching out my makeup products in favor of safer choices. It has taken months to totally clear out my makeup bag and feel confident in the safety of all of the products that are in it now but I can say that I no longer cringe when Madeline reaches for my blush brush to swipe some across her own little cheek or begs for a dab of lip gloss. 

I am so happy with the swaps I’ve made and even happier that I have not had to sacrifice performance. Beautycounter is just as committed to our products working, well, beautifully as we are to them being completely safe and free of questionable ingredients. 

When you make the commitment to switch to safer makeup products, there are a few favorites that I recommend starting with. 

Ditch your regular CC cream or foundation in favor of our tint skin. The one pictured was previously my favorite every day foundation - lightweight yet providing a good, solid coverage. However, it contains a PEG that is a human carcinogen, which I just can’t get on board with putting on my skin every day now that I know. I have been so happy with Tint Skin and it was the very first swap I made in my makeup. It is also very lightweight but provides enough coverage for my preferences. I am typically a medium to full coverage kind of girl depending on the occasion. I wear linen and sand and mix them depending on if I’ve sunless tanned or gotten real sun recently to get the perfect shade.

A lightweight concealer pen is a must for moms in my opinion. Obviously it is great for everyone but I’ve never appreciated undereye concealer before the way I do now as a mom. The touché eclat pen is a cult favorite and I previously used it. I find the Beautycounter concealer pen to have a very comparable application and to wear beautifully throughout the day to camouflage dark circles and imperfections. I also love that it blends well and never becomes cakey, which is just the worst for concealer.

I like the think of contouring as like Spanx for your face. It’s not something I’m willing to dedicate a ton of time to but just a little contouring to your cheek bones can make such a difference. The Hoola stick is super convenient but contains some questionable ingredients. I love the Beautycounter stick bronzer to help carve out those cheek bones and contour other areas if I’m doing a full face. I just swipe it on and then quickly blend with a damp beauty blender. 

A great powder highlighter at the top of your cheekbones, Cupid’s bow, and down the center of your nose is so pretty, especially in the evenings. The Becca one is another cult favorite and it really is beautiful however I have been so happy with Beautycounter’s highlighter in Halo. It contains only certified asbestos-free talc which is NOT the case for other highlighters (Becca included). This is so important because that is what can make many powders dangerous and is the link between them and reproductive toxicity. Our highlighter is available in two colors and provides a really beautiful shimmer. 

There is a reason for the overwhelming popularity of the Nars blush in orgasm. It is such a universally flattering shade that gives you the perfect pinch of flush to your cheeks. Unfortunately it contains Triclosan, which is banned in other countries and linked to both altered thyroid function and fertility issues and an ingredient that it is recommended to avoid during pregnancy and while nursing. The color is so similar to our new blush in Nectar. This is what I wear daily and it is so pretty. Also universally-flattering, this shade looks great on everyone and is perfectly pigmented so that is wears all day. Beautycounter's blush is also available in six other shades and I also love that the mirror slides out and is reversible so that you don’t get powder all over it when you travel or if you want to keep it in your purse. Sometimes it’s the little things!

While I obviously love Beautycounter, there are other options for safer cosmetics out there and every product you switch to safer does make a difference - it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. I use the EWG skin deep database and Think Dirty app when out shopping to check the products I’m interested in purchasing and would suggest installing both on your phone to be able to use quickly while at Target or Sephora before making a purchase. With virtually no regulation on ingredient safety in the US, I can promise you that you will be very surprised with what you find. 

Have you made any swaps to safer makeup? I would love to hear your favorite products in the comments. 


  1. I am slowly swapping as well thanks to you.

  2. Sooo I was wondering what blush you were talking about, and then I got to that part of the post-and I was like hey that's the one I use! And then what the heck it contains banned ingredients?! Not happy about that at all. I've heard such great things about Beautycounter-I'm more curious than ever now. I totally agree, we need to be careful about what we are using and putting in and on our bodies.
    Kristen www.pugsandpearls.com


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