Friday, November 30, 2018

Holiday Gift Guide for Men

Raise your hand if all your Holiday shopping is done and those gifts are wrapped and ready under the tree?

I usually start my Holiday shopping mid-November and then try to have it all finished by the middle of December but undoubtedly I still find myself running around at the last minute trying to finish a few things up. Of course this year with Baby Boy making his debut, I have to have everything done before he arrives so that it is off my plate. 

Buying for men can be so hard. I feel like the men in my life are all very challenging to buy for. But, I did manage to round up a few items that are sure to please the men in your life. 

USB Keychain. I love this because most of us are lost without our devices yet its easy to get caught out and about without a charger. I think this leather embossed keychain is so pretty on its on and the lightening cable just makes it extra functional. Drop in a couple charging cubes or a power bank as a stocking stuffer and you can be sure that the man you are buying for won't be caught at 1% ever again. 

Sonos Play 1 Speaker. If you are purchasing for someone who enjoys music then they really need this speaker for their home. The sound quality is just incredible and its a gift that they can build upon if they choose by adding more pieces later on. 

Air Pod Headphones. Corey and I both have a set of these and they are great. I love them for the gym. Corey uses his for everything from running to conference calls for work. Again, the sound quality is great and its so nice to not have the wires of traditional headphones. 

Counterman Travel Set. This is a preview set for Beautycounter's new men's line and comes with a travel bag. The price point is great. Corey just recently started having any interest in skincare products but he really enjoys having a moisturizer for the dry months. It was so easy for me to switch mine and Madeline's products to safer but finding something to replace the products he was regularly using was more difficult. He has been my guinea pig for this set since it launched in October and has been very pleased. I also love that it comes with a travel bag because those are always needed and it makes a much nicer presentation for gifting. 

Tile. Corey received a Tile as a gift a couple years ago and it was such a great gift as he often sets his keys down somewhere in the house other than where he can easily find them the next day. Especially if he is traveling and he puts them down somewhere then leaves for a trip for a week! So the Tile has been really great in helping him locate them quickly without causing a big headache. 

Slippers. There is just something about a really nice pair of slippers. Most people wouldn't splurge on a nice pair for themselves yet appreciate them so much as a gift, especially in the cold winter months. Here is a much less expensive pair that have really great reviews. 

I'm always looking for suggestions for hard to buy for men so I'd love to hear your favorite gifts you've given the men in your life in the comments below. 

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