Monday, November 26, 2018

What’s in my Hospital Bag for Baby 2

Let’s take a little moment to think back to the end of my pregnancy with Madeline, shall we? Ten days before her due date my water broke in the middle of the night (just a few days after recovering from bronchitis and a sinus infection) and I immediately had to do some very important things like paint my nails (Ha!), steam her curtains, install the car seat, and finish packing our hospital bag before heading out the door.

While I can be super Type A and organized a lot of the time, I can also be a major procrastinator at other times. I did have a lot of things completed and ready when I went into labor but this time I decided to prep a little more ahead of time, especially since when baby is on his way this time my first priority will have to be making sure Madeline is taken care of. You know, instead of making sure my nails have a fresh coat of lacquer. 

Having done this before, I also have a better idea of what I need this time around and what is not necessary. I want to have everything I need but I also don’t want to overpack because then that is just more to lug in and out of the hospital and clean and put away when I get home.

What’s in my bag for me:

Nursing pajamas. I purchased these recently and they are so soft and flattering. I've enjoyed wearing them during my pregnancy and they’re also nice enough that I won’t mind visitors seeing me, full coverage enough, yet still allow easy nursing access. I also have a three-piece pair from before Madeline’s birth and I love that they come with a robe. You can find a similar pair here.

Clothes for mama. Leggings, a nursing bra, nursing tanks, and flowy cotton cardigans are a must. I packed two of each - one set to wear in the hospital and one for the trip home. I packed my favorite maternity leggings as well as these one-size high waisted ones that I know I'll wear a ton postpartum. These nursing tanks are my favorite and I love this style nursing bra for the early days when your boobs are changing rapidly! I have one of these cardigans and think they are so great for nursing and looking covered up and put together while allowing you access when you need it. 

Shoes. I packed flip flops for the shower and slippers to wear around the room. I also threw in a pair of gripper socks in case I want them during labor and my Uggs to wear home. Your feet can swell from the fluids they give you while in the hospital so packing shoes that are forgiving is a must.

Entertainment. Don't forget to pack your phone charger with an extension cord so that it will reach your bed. Also, depending on your labor, you might have some down time so this time around I tossed in a few magazines and my tablet. I hope to sleep if the start of labor is slow this time like it was last time but I know it will be nice to have these just in case.

Toiletry bag. Since I’m really picky about my products and only use personal care items with safe ingredients, I went ahead and packed my shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, deodorant, facial cleanser, moisturizer, facial oil, a foundation sample, and a tube of mascara. For the larger items, I put a little inside travel containers and ordered this set and this set from Beautycounter's holiday line since they were the perfect size. Lip conditioner is also a must because your lips can really dry out in the hospital.  I’ll probably also toss my full makeup bag in when I go into labor but I do want to make sure I have the essentials just in case it’s chaotic and I forget. I thought I wouldn’t want my makeup when Madeline was born but I was actually so glad I had it because it felt really nice to take a few minutes for myself to freshen up while Daddy and the grandparents loved on my newborn. I also put a razor in because I loved shaving my legs for the first time without a big belly in the way the day after Madeline was born.

Depends. This is one of those things that you really don’t know you need unless a girlfriend is just brutally honest with you but I found these much more comfortable than the mesh undies the hospital provides and they thoroughly protect your clothing during those first few days. I also put Dermaplast spray and Tucks pads in my hospital bag but for my last delivery they gave me both of these items in the hospital. My been there done that tip for expectant mamas is to order these items on Amazon. Also, the hospital will provide you with some personal care items like a little squirt bottle for after you go to the restroom and some other personal care items. Bring these home with you after because you will want them for a few more days. 

Nipple Balm. This is a safer more natural alternative for sore nipples than lanolin and I was really pleased with it when I was nursing Madeline. Coconut oil is also wonderful and the bonus is that you don't have to wash it off before nursing. 

Dulcolax. I am so glad someone told me to bring this last time because some of the fluids and medicines they give you during labor can really, um, slow you down and you do not want that when your nether regions are swollen and sensitive. I started taking it as soon as I was up moving around after Madeline’s birth and had no problems thankfully. 

Essentials. The hospital gives you pretty much everything you need for baby but I packed a pack of water wipes, my Beautycounter Baby bundle since I only want to use a safe baby wash and the hospital used Johnson and Johnson last time, a little gown, and his coming home outfit. When Madeline was in the hospital she just wore the tiny little shirt they give you, the newborn hat, a diaper, and a swaddle the whole time. I tend to believe less is more when packing for baby because they will have everything they need. Why create more laundry before you even get home? 

Paci. We did not take one for Madeline and she cried for hours and hours in the hospital. Nursing didn’t help. Swaddling didn’t help. Skin to skin didn’t help. White noise and swaying didn’t help. She was pretty much just like that for several hours a day the first six weeks of her life so this time I don’t feel guilty for bringing a pacifier in case we need it. 

Muslin Blanket. These things are the best and can be used for absolutely anything from a carseat cover if you have to run an errand on the way home to a nursing cover when visitors come to the hospital to a swaddle while baby naps.

Boppy. I so enjoyed having my Boppy at the hospital after Madeline was born so I packed it again this time. It makes supporting baby while nursing so much easier and more comfortable, especially after labor. 

I also added a gift for Baby Boy to give Madeline (I chose a Cuddle + Kind doll) and you might want to include your baby book if you want baby's footprints stamped directly in the book. 

Don't forget to toss in a few things for Dad, too. Clean underwear, a pair of sweatpants, a clean t shirt and toiletry essentials (deodorant, toothbrush/toothpaste) and a few snacks and bottles of water are what I included for Corey. Corey will come home to check on Madeline at some point so I know he will get the opportunity to shower and change. 

You may also want to consider a small gift for your nurses. You will likely have at least two or three who are assigned specifically to you. I did not know before Madeline’s delivery how much those labor and delivery nurses really did and I was so thankful for them. This time I am bringing a few Starbucks gift cards. 

A final tip is to put a post-it note on top of your bag once it is packed with a bulleted list of those things you’ll want to grab at the last minute so you don’t forget essentials when you are excited and in a hurry. For me, that was my phone charger and makeup bag. 

I’m a big believer in using what they give you at the hospital (diapers, personal care for mom, etc.) because you will be billed for it anyway and it saves you from having to overpack. 

Seasoned mamas, what am I missing? 


  1. Oh the tucks and depends! I took makeup remover wipes with me and a blanket. I am always cold.

  2. We need to have a name for Type A people who procrastinate because I am right there with ya.


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