Monday, December 3, 2018

3 Goals for December

It is officially baby month! It’s actually baby week so my goals are a little shorter this month because I know it is going to be a busy one!

1. Have a healthy baby. Obviously this is our biggest order of business for the month. If you caught my last bumpdate you know we had a little hiccup in our plan. Of course I’m super emotional and a little bummed that things aren’t going quite as I anticipated. Mostly because I expected my birth experience to be a lot like Madeline’s and anticipated being up moving around in just a couple days, popping into Target and running simple errands within the week to keep myself sane, and able to get out and walk and do more things with my big girl to just feel as normal as one can immediately after birth. Baby boy is still not being cooperative even though we haven’t stopped trying to get him to flip around so I’ve been a little (ok, a lot) emotional about the whole thing. But, our biggest goal is just to get him here safely, so I’ve reminded myself several times that that’s really all that matters! 

2. Celebrate Christmas with both of my babies and our family. It will be a lower key Christmas since I’ll probably still be recovering a little. Paper plates instead of china perhaps? But I know it will be so special to have our family complete and together for Christmas. Our halls are decked (home tour coming very soon) and I’ve done a good bit of the shopping. Now, the packages might not be wrapped with as much care as usual since I’ll probably delegate that task to Corey or just stuff everything in gift bags. But, I’m still SO excited to celebrate this year!

3. End my year with Beautycounter with a fun 12 Days I’d Safer Beauty online event. I kicked that off on Saturday and it’s an education first event where we will chat about some of the worst offending ingredients in Beauty and personal care items, I’ll share some of my favorite products with you, and a special deal will be offered every day. At the end, I’ll be giving away some great products and there are so many ways to enter with no cap for how many times you can win. Find the event here

And that’s it for the month! I can’t say I’m expecting to accomplish a whole lot with a new baby. But it’s a perfect season to just love on him, Madeline, and Corey and be grateful for our family! 

What’s on the agenda for you this month? 


  1. Yes, have that healthy baby!!! So excited for you.

  2. So excited to see him! Prayers for you all lady.


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