Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Holiday Home Tour 2018

I really can't believe the Holiday season is here. This year will be both special and chaotic for our family as we welcome a new baby into our family. Because of his arrival, I broke one of my own rules and decorated a little early this year. I had most of the decorations out in the days before Thanksgiving and got the Christmas trees up on Thanksgiving morning since we did not host this year and actually had a very laid back day.

I changed very little from last year aside from adding a few things upstairs and to the front of the house. Our home is a traditional brick colonial so I decorate it pretty traditionally. That is my style anyway with Christmas decor. I hang wreathes on the windows and then this year I added lighted trees to the front steps (thanks Mom for gifting me these for my birthday!) and replaced my candles in the windows with a fresh set. I finally upgraded to ones on a timer and it has made allll the difference.

Let's step inside. I just hung a wreath (from last year's Hearth and Hand collection at Target from our foyer mirror. Last year I set up my little Christmas village on the console table but it just didn't happen this year. I totally forgot to get it out and then didn't feel like climbing back into our dormer storage at a million weeks pregnant.

In the dining room, I decorated my table and pencil tree pretty much the same as last year. This tree is more formal with matching ornaments and I added it last year so that we'd have a tree that you could see through the front windows.

My mom also gave me this beautiful angel that I have on the buffet. Her colors match the blues and neutrals in our home perfectly.

I just add a few decorations to the countertop in the kitchen and am displaying a couple of Madeline's Santa pictures. Getting these out every year is so fun.

In our little breakfast nook, I hang simple wreathes on the windows. It just adds a little something, I think. Opposite the table is my desk and I hang Christmas cards we receive on the ribbon with tiny little clothes pins.

The living room is my favorite room in our house this time of year because of the tree and the fireplace. This is the family tree and it has all the ornaments that are special to us - things that mean something, that we purchased on a trip, that Madeline made, or that I just thought were fun. I am excited to watch the ornaments on this tree grow over the years as both children come home with homemade ones. 

My garland is from At Home and my mom made the stockings for us. It started out with just mine, Corey's, and Riley's. I'm amazed by the fact that there are going to be five hanging there this year. 

On our coffee table I have another of Madeline's Santa pictures. This one is my favorite - from last year when she was scared of him - so I have to share it. I'm sure we will squeeze in a picture of Baby Boy with Santa, too, before the holidays are over.

On my couch I swap out the lumbar pillow for this fun little reindeer one. Its more whimsical than most of my decor but I really love it. 

Upstairs I kept things pretty simple this year and just added a few things to the top of the console table in the bonus room where Madeline's toys are and decorated trees in each child's room.

Madeline's tree is from here and was a total steal. It is flocked and prelit and just so cute. Her ornaments are shatterproof so she decorated the tree herself. We have started a collection of special ornaments for her, too, this year and so far she has Minnie Mouse, Peppa Pig, and lots of ballerinas.

In Baby Boy's room his tree is pretty simple. I strung a garland and made him a bow topper and then I let Madeline decorate his tree with a pack of shatterproof ornaments. He still needs lots more but I didn't want to overdo it and ruin the fun of him getting to choose some things for himself as he gets older. 

In their shared bathroom, I put out the same decorations as last year, which are little bottle brush trees and this cute sign. Next year, I will probably need to make that a little more gender neutral!

That is it. Each year I feel like I add a tackle a new project with Christmas decor - this year I focused on the outside and trees for the children's rooms. I can say that one thing that won't happen next year is adding any more Christmas trees because I feel like I have an attic full, now!

When do you decorate for Christmas and what is your decor style? I'm obviously super traditional but I also really love seeing rustic or whimsical Christmas decorations in other people's homes. 

Merry {almost} Christmas!


  1. That is so pretty! Your house is beautiful, friend -- I absolutely love all-brick homes. I think my favorite touch of yours are the wreaths in your breakfast nook. So classic. :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Very stylish but homely too - you combine the best of both worlds. And goodness knows how you managed to find time to do all of this! Joanne x


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