Friday, January 4, 2019

2019 Intentions

I love January and the New Year. That feeling of a fresh start with a whole year ahead of you is so refreshing. It always leaves me feeling so excited about all the possibilities for the year because I have no idea what is coming our way over the next twelve months. 2018 was a big year for our family as Corey started a new job, I started a new business, Madeline blossomed into such a big girl, and we welcomed a new baby. I can’t wait to see what our family does this year.

Every year I share my “intentions.” I hate calling them resolutions because to resolve sounds so concrete and makes me feel locked in. You never know what life will throw at you in a given year. So I really prefer to call these my intentions - the things I plan and hope to accomplish given the information I have now - the very first week of January. 

1. Keep my schedule more organized. This is a lofty intention with a new baby but all the more reason to aim to accomplish it! I switched things up this year and ordered a Simplified Planner. I’ve used Erin Condren for so many years but fell in love with the watercolor design from Emily Ley. I’m definitely a paper and pen type of girl and color code my planners with appointments and tasks for each person as well as things I need to do for work. I really slacked off with staying organized with my schedule the second half of the year last year and really felt the resulting chaos. Here’s to staying organized!

2. Lose the “baby weight” and feel strong again. I don’t care specifically about losing pounds or hitting a certain number but I do want to feel strong, healthy, and confident like I did before getting pregnant. When Madeline was born it took me forever to get to a place where I had a healthy routine again. It was months and months before I was working out regularly again and I just felt weak and unhealthy so it’s a big goal of mine to get started working out again as soon as I’m cleared to do so. I know I won’t be able to do everything I could before right away after having a c-section but I am definitely craving that time for myself and think it is so important that Madeline sees exercise and healthy eating as a regular part of our family’s routine. 

3. Advance to Manager within Beautycounter. A year ago, when I decided to become a consultant, I really didn’t know what I wanted this piece of my life to become. I just knew I was really passionate about this aspect of women’s health and that so many women just didn’t know about the dangerous ingredients in a lot of personal care products and I was eager to share with them. My business has grown so much this year and I am so grateful for each and every customer and really feel like it is a great honor to help them “clean up” their homes. It’s given me lots of knowledge about the personal care and health industry, connected me with some amazing women, provided me with a paycheck, and given me something that was mine just for me. 

4. Plan a family vacation for this summer and then a big couple’s trip just for Corey and myself this fall. Madeline had such fun on our beach trip last year so I want to plan another for this summer. I know it will be work making the trip with two little ones but also a great chance to make some fun memories as a family. The last big trip Corey and I took was to St. John in 2017 so we are planning to do a big trip just the two of us this year in the fall. We don’t know where we want to go yet so we are open to suggestions if anyone has been on a fun adults only vacay recently. Maybe Europe? Napa? 

5. Love on my family. This isn’t anything new but it’s my most important goal of the year - to prioritize my family over all my other tasks and responsibilities. Right now we are in the thick of the newborn phase and it’s hard to imagine a time when our heads will feel above water. But I know we will find our new normal and I want to make sure everyone knows how much they are loved and valued within our little family. 

What are your intentions this year? 


  1. Great list! I, too, need to be a bit more intentional with working out this year, especially since Walker is starting Kindergarten and I’ll only have one child at home.

  2. Woohoo! You got this! I hope you accomplish everything you set out to do in 2019!

  3. Great intentions! I love that you're focused on health and strength, not a number. That's such a good mindset!

    Dan and I really loved Tokyo/Hiroshima/Kyoto, Paris/London, New England (Boston, New Hampshire, Vermont for the foliage), San Antonio, and Savannah. These are the main trips we've taken in the last three years that weren't primarily for work or family.

  4. Those are some great intentions, momma! You've got this, and I have a feeling 2019 is going to be a great year for you and your family. xo


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