Friday, January 25, 2019

Madeline’s Last Day as an Only Child

One thing that I really loved about having a planned delivery this time (and spoiler - there weren’t many things I loved about my c-section!), was that I knew when the baby was coming exactly.

The Sunday before my surgery was scheduled, I woke up with contractions and they lasted all day long. My OB even had me come in to be checked since Connor was breeched. They gave me the choice to go ahead and have him that night or go home and try to wait until Wednesday since I wasn’t dilating or progressing at all. 

I decided to go home and then we went about our regular day on Monday. Then, on Tuesday morning, we woke up and planned for a special day. It was Madeline’s last day as an only child after all!

We got dressed - I dressed her in an adorable little Kate Spade dress and polka dot tights and even put on jeans and real clothes myself - which didn’t happen very often in the last days of pregnancy. I had toyed with the idea of taking her to the children’s museum. But, a few girlfriends adamantly talked me out of this idea to protect everyone from all the germs so none of us were sick at the last minute. Instead, we went to the mall to the American Girl store.

We walked inside with Madeline holding my hand, which made her feel very grown up. I always strap her into the stroller for the mall because she is a wild little girl when allowed any kind of freedom! We held hands and walked through the food court to the American Girl store.

First, we played with all the display toys. She tried out all the accessories for her Bitty Baby, who is affectionately named “Pink Baby.” An associate even passed out mini chocolate milkshakes (with sprinkles) for us to enjoy while we shopped and played. 

Finally, she decided on a little bottle and baby food set as her new toy. We purchased it and headed over to the Bistro. I had never been before because why on earth would I?! Well, it was such a sweet experience.

They sat us together and brought a little high chair over for Pink Baby to sit in and the tiniest plate, placemat, and water cup. And cute little hot pink hair ties for us all - even Bun Bun who was in my purse for moral support.

I was so surprised by the food quality. It was really great with generous portions. Madeline chose the pasta with fruit and I got a salad. We had a nice little ladies’ lunch and played with Madeline’s doll and new toys while we ate. We ended our lunch with dessert of course and ordered cupcakes for Madeline to decorate herself. 

The staff was wonderful and treated Madeline like such a princess in honor of such a special occasion. She was so happy and had such a great time. She chatted happily about all the fun we had all the way home. 

When we got home, she actually took a nap! Then, we spent some time relaxing and snuggling on the couch when she woke up. Corey cooked dinner and she helped prepare everything. Finally, it was time for her bed time routine, which I tried to do extra slowly to allow us a little more time with just the two of us for reading her favorite books (currently Rainbow Fish and Crayon’s Book of Colors) and snuggles in bed. We talked a little about how her baby brother was coming in the morning and how Nonnie would be there be to get her out of bed in the morning but that she would come to the hospital that Thursday and we could snuggle again when she got there.

It was super emotional kissing her good night and closing the door knowing I’d never do it with her as my only child ever again. Of course I knew nothing would change the way I loved her - but I still knew the demands for my time were changing forever. 

Knowing the day our second baby was coming was a gift in its own way and I’m so glad I was able to have a special Mommy-daughter day with Madeline before she became a big sister. 

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