Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Rethinking My Personal Care Routine

I am constantly learning and rethinking my routine when it comes to the products I use in my home every day. Safety in terms of personal care is something I am just so passionate about, especially because I gave it no thought until just a few years ago.

When I learned that Publix and Procter and Gamble had teamed up for a Rethink your Routine promotion this month I was instantly intrigued and had to head to the store to check it out as I am always looking for safer products to add to my regimen.

I was so excited excited to see that the Tampax and Always Pure and Clean products were included. These are chlorine, dye, and fragrance free - three ingredients that have no business being anywhere near such a sensitive area!

I admittedly had never purchased tampons or panty liners without these ingredients before because I hadn’t made it that far in cleaning up my personal care routine. I actually had never given any thought whatsoever to the ingredients that were in my tampons. My period is definitely my least favorite time of the month so it just hasn’t occurred to me to look more closely at what was in these products I was putting in my body.

Over the last several years, I’ve really tried to improve the choices I was making with my personal care products, which is why I am so glad that these safer options are available right at my local Publix, making it so simple and convenient to pick them up. 

While I was picking up the Pure and Clean tampons and liners, I decided to check out the other products in Publix’s Rethink your Routine promotion and was so pleased to come across this aluminum-free deodorant by Secret. I made the switch to aluminum and paraben-free deodorants when we started trying to get pregnant because these ingredients are linked to a whole host of potential problems from breast cancer to an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease to kidney problems. It can sometimes be hard to find an aluminum-free deodorant in a pinch and this is not a product we want to run out of, so I was excited to see this one available in two scents. I have been using the rosewater over the last few days and am really pleased with it so far. 

I think choosing safer products for our personal care routine is so important and it makes it so much easier when cleaner alternatives are available in stores I frequent, like Publix. Right now, Publix is even offering a $5 gift card when you try $15 worth of products from their Rethink your Routine promotion - making this the perfect time to add some safer products to your own personal care regimen. This promotion runs in stores starting tomorrow through the end of the month.

Thank you Procter and Gamble for providing me the opportunity to try these new products to switch up my personal care routine and for sponsoring this post.

Friends, I would love to hear about a safer product you are loving right now in the comments below. 


  1. Isn't Publix the best?! I'm right there with you on wanting to clean up the products I use. I'm very curious about the Secret deodorant. I've tried lots of different natural deodorants, but haven't fallen deeply in love with any of them yet.

  2. You should try a diva cup! Life changing!! Also, I have made my deoderant for a couple if years and I love it!

  3. WE do not have Publix here. But I love that you are thinking of these things.

  4. What a great post! I've used natural feminine hygiene products now for about 10 years - organic cotton only. I'd read that in some of the others they used to contain asbestos in the fibres but I am sure that is an exaggeration - saying that I wouldn't want to use anything non-cotton, and those plastic applicators - so hideous for the environment - they get washed up on the beach all the time. Not only is it disgusting but it is sad that companies think it is acceptable and people buy them. Same with the deo - I did try totally natural ones - alum and essential oils only but I have to be honest here - unless your diet is totally 'clean' - no sugar, dairy, spicy stuff, anyone would struggle with these - plus as they are only deo not anti-perspirant it can be problematic in summer. So like you I go for a regular brand (Bionsen) just without aluminium and parabens - I am yet to find one without Disodium EDTA - any suggestions? J xx


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