Thursday, February 28, 2019

Honest to Goodness: 3 favorite grocery store swaps

It is no secret that I have tried to be much more intentional about the products I am purchasing for my home and family these days. I try to be diligent about choosing organic, safe, or nature-inspired products and have made a few swaps recently that I am just loving.

I am often asked where I shop for safer products for our family and while there are many stores that I frequent, one of my favorite is my local Publix. The shopping experience is so pleasant (someone always helps me load my groceries so that I can attend to my kids) and the selection of healthy, organic, and nature-inspired products is wonderful. This year they have added some great items that I am loving especially and many of them are even on sale this week.

When Madeline was born we used primarily Pampers diapers and I did really love them because they provided great protection. But, I’ve become more knowledgeable about ingredients over the past several years since she was an infant and really wanted to choose something that was fragrance and chlorine free for Connor. Know better, do better is one of my mottos.

That is why I am so glad that Pampers created their Pampers Pure line. These diapers checked all my boxes for safety and you really can’t beat the convenience with these. I love that they are available at my neighborhood Publix so that I can pick them up when I’m already out grocery shopping. All the mamas know that you do not want to be in a situation where you are out of diapers so I really appreciate these being available on the shelves. We have been using these since Connor was born and are very happy with them.

Another essential item I always have on hand is Greek yogurt. It’s a really great way for me to get extra protein while I’m nursing and a healthier snack I can enjoy since I am always feeling famished these days! I recently spotted these YQ yogurts and picked them up to try because of the high protein but low sugar content. This was an easy and delicious swap for our household. I hate excess added sugar so these fit he bill perfectly and are just delicious. They have become a regular staple on my grocery list these days.

Meal planning has admittedly been a struggle during this phase of our life but I still strive to have a home cooked meal on the table in front of Madeline at night. Some days run smoother than others of course but on those days when things are a little chaotic I am so thankful for the essentials I keep in my pantry. Organic jarred pasta sauce, whole grain noodles, and these Muir Glen organic diced tomatoes. These are SO good and make me feel a little better about taking a shortcut on a busy night. They really add so much flavor to quick pasta sauces and soups and have become a staple in our home.

I’m always looking for items to swap for healthier varieties on my grocery store run. It helps that all of these items are on sale at Publix right now so I can get my favorite essentials without breaking the bank. 

What are some of your favorite items in your weekly grocery haul?

Thank you to Publix and Procter and Gamble for sponsoring this post. As always, my opinions are my own and I do hope you will give some of my new favorites a try.  

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  1. A Publix Marketplace is "coming soon" near Dan and me. For now, we do most of our shopping at Kroger. Of course, Publix was my go-to during our Furman days!

    I love plain, full-fat Greek yogurt. I eat it with a bit of honey and fruit, or I use it in cooking/baking.


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