Tuesday, May 24, 2011

NYC Weekend Recap

Happy Tuesday ladies!

Sorry for being a little m.i.a. yesterday.  Blogging takes a backseat to travel.  It also takes a backseat to work (unfortunately).

I had a fabulous weekend in New Jersey and New York with my sweet fiance, Corey.

My flight was delayed on Friday. We missed our dinner reservation at a delicious Italian restaurant with soaring reviews that we found on Living Social. How many of you all use this amazing website?  It seriously controls our life sometimes. Love, love, love it.  The deals are phenomenal and we've found so many great new restaurants after being motivated to try them through Living Social.

I got in after ten on Friday night.  This was after being squeezed in a middle seat on my delayed (which already had me a little ticked off) flight. Now, its not the middle seat that bothers me so much. It was who was sitting next to me. And that would be two very overweight men. Not a little overweight - we're talking each one taking up a quarter of the seat I paid $329 for.  The armrest couldn't even go down so I didn't even have a barrier to help me stand my ground and claim my seat.

Nor does it help that Continental's new partner, United, organizes their loading zones in the least organized fashion imaginable. Somehow all the middle seats were last to board. And the overhead bins had been packed from the front backwards, which forces you to go back to the back of the plane to store your luggage then fight your way back to your seat (where the two overweight men are already comfortably seated and dominating three-quarters of it.) This, of course, causes a serious traffic jam not only when boarding but also when de-boarding. I sat the duration of the flight squished in the middle so tightly I couldn't even hold my book up to read or turn the pages.

We spent Saturday in New York City. We drove into Hoboken, toured our new apartment, and had lunch at a cute little cafe.  I'm seriously loving the new apartment by the way. Move-in date is only six weeks away!
(Future kitchen - pardon previous resident's clutter)

We spent the afternoon at a cute street festival in the Village area (I'm still working on my NYC neighborhood knowledge) and went on a long walk in Central Park. It was a perfect sunny day. Its been in the 90's at home but it was in the low 70's in New York which was perfect!

Corey and I got the best seats for the Yankees/Mets game Saturday night. They were in the lower deck with a beverage and snack service which was phenomenal. I'm so glad we got to go to this game. It is a big rivalry with both teams being from New York so it was so exciting!

Continental sent me a survey about my flight experience today. My flight home was delayed as well. (This time on the runway) In fact, I've flown with Continental or United (now that they're partners) 10 times in 2011. Guess how many of those flights were either delayed (at least more than half an hour) or cancelled? EIGHT. (!!!)

Fabulous time in New York. Not so fabulous flight experience. We've had a credit with Continental that we've just used up. Who is your airline of choice?


  1. Love the pictures! Wow, six weeks is going to fly by! Sorry about that horrible flight experience! That doesn't sound like fun at all. I hate the middle seat also... especially under those circumstances.

  2. Six weeks? Wow? That's terrible about the flight, and the armrest. That's the pits.

  3. Oh your future kitchen is adorable! :)


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