Wednesday, October 23, 2013

White Kitchens

One of the best things about buying new construction is definitely getting to pick out all of the internal finishings. Because our home is a townhouse we don't have much say over the outside - but we have complete and total control over the inside. When it came time to decide what we wanted our kitchen to look like, I was so torn. I love dark woods but also love the crisp, fresh look of white cabinets.

We have a beautiful kitchen in our current apartment. It really is so attractive for an apartment (aside from the fact that our dishwasher never works properly). However, it is so, so dark. I sometimes say it feels like a cave. And forget trying to photograph any food to share recipes with you. It is just too dark! While the cherry cabinets are gorgeous, the white in our old apartment was certainly more welcoming.

On the morning of our design center appointment I still had my heart set on espresso. Then, I decided to go by the model one more time and look at the model for every floor plan to compare. Corey's mom and I visited the models, grabbed a quick lunch from Panera, and then headed over to make our decisions at the design studio. All the while, I couldn't get a couple of the model kitchens out of my mind.

Ever since we made the decision to go with white cabinets (almond, actually) I have been completely obsessed with white kitchens on Pinterest. Here are a few of my favorites that are inspiring our future home.

I love how the white cabinets make each of these kitchens look so crisp, clean, and bright. I also really love how each of these kitchens have incorporated other colors to add some gorgeous contrast and really make the cabinets pop. 

If you could design your own kitchen what would it look like?


  1. I'm a sucker for white kitchens, too! I think they're timeless, clean, and just beautiful. Can't wait to see the finished product in your new home!

  2. My dream kitchen would definitely stem from the pictures above, I agree with you, the white is so crisp and clean!

  3. I adore white kitchens! My parents have such a pretty one but with dark wood center island. I love the contrast!

  4. I love these! Like you I'm torn between light cabinets/dark cabinets, but I think the color you chose is perfect!

  5. I am so in love with white everything in a house! I can't wait for one day when I can go crazy designing everything! I am looking forward to seeing your finish product in the near future :) Great post!

  6. I am all about white in kitchens. It just feels so big and clean!

  7. Those kitchens look so open and airy! I either want white and bright or dark wood and stainless steel. ANYTHING BUT OAK!


  8. I absolutely adore white kitchens as well. I was dead set on having the white too, but they were telling Ryan and I how much more expensive the white cabinets were. Now I wish I would've just told them to suck it and do it anyway. lol But we could always paint them ourselves. If I EVER get that notion. haha


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